3 Limericks

A new  king demanded a wall

Although it was destined to fall

He just didn’t care

He knew that somewhere

A niƱo  was learning to crawl


There once was a woman who ran

She ran and then ran again

And each time she lost 

but not by through her  fault

Her opponent was always The Man


The old socialist roared like a mouse does

To the masses and all of their spouses

I’ll do all that’s needed

To stop the be-greeded

Except selling one of my houses

No Place on Earth

There is no place on planet earth that I would rather be than right where I am. This is why I so desperately hope they will fast-track this whole Mars  colonization thing. Somebody get me off of this rock!

Photo credit: NASA/JPL – Caltech

NASA/JPLNAS         A/L-CaltechCaltech  Photo

Imag Image NASA/JPL-Caltech Credit:  NASA/JPL-Caltech NASA/JPL-Caltech Credit:  NASA/JPL-

Caltech NASA/JPL-Caltech/JPL-Caltech

Exception to the Rule

Rule: All things  in moderation.

Exception: Moderation —-

Rule: Quitters never win.

Exception: When you quit being an asshole you start being  a winner.—-

Rule: What goes up must come down.

Exception: The number of days between sexual encounter after age fifty.—-

Rule: There is no such thing as a stupid question.

Exception: Every townhall meeting ever broadcast on cable television.—-

Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Exception: You enjoy being stabbed multiple times with an ice pick.—-

Rule: Love conquers all.

Exception: Grizzly bears. Never try to love a grizzly bear without it’s express consent.